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Hi guys, I am James Williamson, the person behind turntablewave.com.

James Williamson's Life Story:

Well, it all started when I was a kid. As a kid, I didn't usually listen to music much because I liked playing with friends, bicycling with them, and doing much more fun activities. However, I still remember, when I was around 10 or maybe 11, it was raining outside so my plan to play outside got canceled and I was forced to stay home.

At that time, my grandfather had a Gramophone and he used to listen to rock and pop music in the evening at a slow volume while doing his regular work.

As It was raining outside, I was forced to sit beside him and help him in his work. The Dreaming by Blondie song was playing on the Gramophone and I still remember the question and the smile he gave me at the time. Well, I asked my grandpa why do you listen to music all day? He smiled and asked me to sit on the couch, close my eyes, and try to listen to music.

Honestly, the first 2 minutes were quite awkward but after that, I started enjoying the music. Starting from that moment, music has become a huge part of my life and due to this, I also built my career in the music field. So, after completing high school, I started working in local music stores and slowly, I started my music store where I am selling record players and turntables along with vinyl, CDs, and much more.

Now, let me share the story behind the launch of TurntableWave.

Story Behind the Launch of TurntableWave:

In recent years, the vinyl trend started booming again and a lot of new people want to enter the vinyl world.

Well, a lot of beginners enter my shop and ask me what are the best and most affordable types of equipment through which they can start their vinyl journey. Well, I guide them but the problem is when people come to my shop who have educated themselves with online information.

I have seen a lot of sites where they are pitching high-end turntables and their components like external phono preamp, a stereo receiver, or powered amplifiers and speakers that are not necessary for beginners to buy to start their vinyl journey.

Secondly, I have also seen some threads and sites where people are recommending beginners to buy suitcase record players and telling them to upgrade after some time. Well, this is fine but I don't recommend anyone to buy a suitcase record player even when they are just newbies because they can get a good quality turntable with an in-built phono preamp and a pair of active speakers by spending a few bucks extra.

Even if I leave the recommendation part, there are a lot of topics regarding turntables, cartridges, phono preamp, complete turntable setup, and many problems with turntables and records that aren't answered properly or answered in complex language and technical words or terms which are difficult for people with no prior knowledge to understand.

These problems and my urge to resolve these problems forced me to launch turntablewave.com.

On turntablewave.com, I have shared my years of experience with people through the medium of articles. You will find articles on multiple concepts like cartridges, cartridge alignment, grounding and much more explained in simple words. I have also shared the working solutions to many common problems like record skipping, warped records, distorted sound, and much more.


Our current goal is to help users find their way to the vinyl world within their budget and help them by providing solutions to the problems that they might face while setting up their turntable setup or while playing the vinyl.

As our team grows, we will be also working on the video content and launching a YouTube channel soon.

Future Goal:

Currently, we are working with Amazon and other private networks on which we are redirecting users to buy the turntables, preamp, amplifiers, and speakers. Our future goal is to convert this website into a marketplace where you can buy vinyl, turntables, phono preamps, stereo receivers or powered amps, active or passive speakers, and much more directly from us.

If you have any questions then you can contact us.

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James Williamson

James Williamson

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Jim Shaffer

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Bruce Zook

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Keisha Perez

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