How To Replace or Fix Record Player Belt

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  April 1st, 2024

Are you looking for a super easy guide to replace or fix a record player belt? Well, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we have shared a step-by-step record player belt replacement guide through which you can fix the belt of your record player in just a few minutes.

As we all know, a belt is responsible for spinning the platter on which our record sits, and a perfect condition of this belt is required to enjoy the smooth vinyl experience.

If your belt is worn out, too loose, or too tight, then it can cause the platter to spin at an unexpected speed, and you can face problems like the record player playing too fast or too slow, sound distortion, and much more.

Well, many people think that replacing a record player belt is technical, but trust me, it is the easiest task after anti-skating adjustments in a record player setup. Even beginners can do it without any problems.

But first, let’s discuss when you should replace the belt of your record player.

When You Should Replace Record Player Belt:

I recommend you measure the speed of your record player and figure out whether you need to fix the belt or not because if the speed is perfect then you don’t need to do anything but if there is even a slight variation i.e. either faster or slower than the selected speed then you need to perform following checks:

Issues With The Belt:

1) Repositioning
2) Replacement
3) Improper Size


Sometimes, the belt is not sitting perfectly at its position on the drive shaft so we just need to reposition the belt to its actual position.


As you know, everything in this world has a life span and so does your record player belt. If the belt has started leaving residue on the drive shaft or become too loose then you need to replace the belt.

Improper Size:

I have mostly seen this issue with people who bought an old record player from someone else.  Well, if the belt is not compatible or properly sized according to your platter then you are going to face speed issues.

1) Loose Belt:

The loose belt won’t maintain its position on the platter and drive shaft which means the motor’s torque won’t rotate the belt as expected and you will face a slow speed problem.

2) Tight Belt:

This situation can damage your record player’s components. The tightness in the belt will put more pressure on the platter and the motor’s drive shaft which might damage both components and also your platter will spin faster as expected.

Note: You can find the actual size of the belt compatible with your record player through manual or you can also contact the brand.

So, these are the issues with the belt, and fixing all these issues has the same method that we’ve shared below.

How To Fix Record Player Belt:

This record player belt replacement method will apply to all-in-one suitcase record players like Crosley, Victrola, Wockoder, 1 by ONE, Angels Horn, and many more.

Step 1:

Turn off the record player and remove the power adapter from the power outlet.

Step 2:

Take the flat head and remove the c-clip from the base of the spindle.

remove cclip from crosley record player spindle

Step 3:

Remove the platter.

remove platter from crosley record player

Step 4:

Now, replace the belt.

put belt on platter's inner circle

Step 5:

After that, pull the belt and place it over the plastic tip at the inner edge of the platter.

belt over plastic tip crosley record player

Step 6:

Now, pick up the platter and place it over the record player but keep in mind that the plastic tip on which we have placed the belt’s side in step 5 should be above the motor drive shaft.

Step 7:

Move the platter counterclockwise manually until you hear a little sound of the belt snapping at its place.

Step 8:

Now, try spinning the platter clockwise manually. If the platter spins freely for a few seconds then the belt hasn’t been placed properly so you need to follow all the steps again or if the platter stops after a few revolutions then the belt has taken its position on the drive shaft.

Step 9:

Now, put the c-clip back on the spindle’s bottom.

That’s it. You have successfully fixed the record player belt.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1- How long does a belt last on a record player?

Well, it depends on the usage. If you are using a record player regularly then you might need to get the belt replaced in around 2-3 years but if you are using your record player occasionally then your belt can last about 5 years or more.

Q2- How much does it cost to replace a record player belt?

It will cost you less than $20 to replace the belt of any record player.

Q3- Do all record players use the same belt?

In the case of suitcase record players, the answer is yes but if we consider all record players including antique ones then the answer is no, the belt size may vary.

Q4- Can a belt last a lifetime?

No, the belt can’t last a lifetime. Everything in this world has a life span and so does your belt. The more you play your record player, the more quickly your belt will lose its elasticity or wear out.

Q5- How do I tighten a record player belt?

Well, there is no guaranteed way to tighten a record player belt once it has lost its elasticity. But, a method shared by Russ Andrews can help you to play your record player for some time more with the same belt.


1) Take the belt out and hold it in the air. You will notice that the belt is wider at the bottom.

how to tighten a belt 1

2) Now, you just need to move the inside out and you will notice the difference.

how to tighten a belt 2

I know, the visible difference is very less but this small tweak can do wonders.

3) That’s it. Now, try using the same belt and let me know the results in the comments.


Using the guide above, you can replace or fix the record player belt of almost all record players but if you own a separate unit and want us to share the belt replacement guide for that model then you can comment below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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