Are Records Supposed to Wobble? Check Here

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  April 9th, 2024

Did your vinyl start wobbling?

If yes, then you are not alone my friend.

Wobbling issues have become very common and everyone is seeing a slight wobble on each other turntable setup which triggers questions in mind are records supposed to wobble?

Well, in this article, you will not only find the answer to your questions but you will also see the reasons behind record wobbling and also solutions to fix them.

But first, let me answer your most important question.

Are Records Supposed to Wobble?

The answer is no. The records are not supposed to wobble but if there is a slight wobbling then you don’t need to worry about anything.

The vinyl records are pressed flat and they are supposed to be flat but the task of keeping the vinyl record flat is a very difficult one.

If you are a seasoned professional in the vinyl world then you will agree with me that no matter what storing techniques you follow, the vinyl records will get a little warped over time.

How Much Record Wobbling is Too Much?

It depends on you.

For me, if there is very little wobble i.e. a very small up-and-down movement on the edge then I might not do anything but if the wobble starts interfering with the sound like record skipping starts then I fix it right away.

How to Fix Record Wobbling:

Here, we have listed all the major reasons why records start wobbling.

But, you first need to identify the reason behind your wobbling issue and follow the given solution to fix it at your end.

Reason 1: Warped Records

check if record is warped or not

Warped records can be the reason for record skips. If you run a warped record on the record player or turntable, the stylus can take a jump off the grooves due to a warped section that may cause a skip.

In the image above, the edges of the records are not sitting on the platter which means it is warped.


You can follow this guide where we have mentioned everything that you can do to fix a warped record.

Reason 2: The turntable or Record Player is not Leveled

how to level turntable

Sometimes unknowingly, we place turntables on uneven surfaces like tables or desks which wobbles. The unsteadiness of the desk or table causes the turntable to vibrate while the record is spinning and this vibration can cause the stylus to jump off the record.

To check whether the surface you placed turntable wobbles or not, you can simply try to move the table or desk gently and if there is some sort of movement then you need to fix it.


1) Replace the table with a new one or you can simply put some packing like shims or anything you think is suitable under the table legs until it stops wobbling

2) Place the turntable or record player on the top

3) Put a bubble level on the platter and try to make it horizontally leveled. Most of the turntables have adjustable legs so you can simply adjust the turntable itself but if your turntable doesn’t have adjustable legs then you can place some sort of packing under the legs. Well, the cheapest and best solution is to use playing cards from the deck, thin cardboard, or shims. I know, these will look weird placed under your turntable but you can always trim, spray paint, and glue them under the turntable legs.

That’s it.

Reason 3: Smaller Platter

The all-in-one record players like Crosley or Victrola come with a smaller platter. If you ever used one then you might know that when we place the record over the platter, most of the record’s part is going to stick out of the platter i.e. in the air.

So, when the stylus with high tracking force starts running on the record then you might see a little wobble.


Unfortunately, there is no fix for this type of wobble.

Reason 4: Warped Platter

Most people might not heard this before but the platter might also get warped over time. The best way to find out whether your platter is warped or not is to remove the platter from the turntable and place it on a flat surface. Now, try putting some pressure on the edges of the platter. If you see a little up-and-down movement then your platter is warped.


The best way to get this fixed and recommended suggestion is to buy a new platter compatible with your turntable model.

But, If you want to get your old platter fixed then you can visit the nearby stores or you can also check the video below:

Reason 5: Loose Platter

The loose platter can also cause a record to wobble. To fix the loose platter, check the solution below:


To fix the loose platter, you just need a 3/4″ socket to tighten the bushing at the bottom of the platter.

Check out this video below for more details:


We have listed some major reasons due to which a record wobbling issue can arise. I hope you got your issue fixed with these solutions but If you fixed the wobbling issue through a different method then please let us know we will add that method to this article too.

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