How to Replace Turntable Belt Properly

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  May 2nd, 2024

A turntable’s belt is the only component that connects your turntable’s platter with the motor and the perfect condition of the belt is required to enjoy a smooth vinyl experience.

If the belt is not in good condition or it doesn’t hold its intended position on the drive shaft then it is going to affect your vinyl experience very badly.

Although replacing the turntable belt seems like a very complex job, in reality, it is one of the easiest tasks in the entire turntable setup.

In this article, we are going to talk about every aspect you need to know about the belt, and after that, we will share a super easy step-by-step to change the belt.

When You Should Change Turntable Belt:

The first step is to measure your turntable speed and check whether the platter is spinning at the right speed or not.

If there is even a slight variation in speed or, if there is any visible damage to the belt like tearing apart, leaving residue on the platter or drive shaft, crack, or any damage then you need to replace the belt right away.

Problems You Will Face When the Issue Is With Belt:

Now, I am sharing the problems that you will encounter when your turntable belt needs maintenance.

Issue 1: Speed Variation

The term “speed variations” means when the platter runs at an unexpected speed. As you know, every record has a speed mentioned on its record label i.e. 45RPM, 33(1/3)RPM, and 78RPM.

Suppose, you are spinning a 45RPM record but your platter is spinning at either less or more than 45RPM. In that case, you will hear weird sounds from your speakers, and mostly, the culprit behind this is the belt.

If the belt loosens up then it will lose its grip on the drive shaft and platter, then it results in reduced speed similarly, if the belt is too tight then the speed will be increased.

Issue 2: Turntable Not Spinning

In case, your turntable platter is not spinning and the motor is running fine then either your belt is broken or it has loosened up its elasticity resulting in loss of its position on the motor’s drive shaft.

Issue 3: Distortion

Distortion is directly connected to the speed.

Well, the bigger speed difference i.e. 45RPM records spinning at 35RPM can be noticed very easily and you can tell that the speed variation is the issue by just listening to the audio but the smaller difference i.e. 45RPM records spinning at 43RPM is not noticeable that easily.

You will only hear sound distortion from the speakers and you need to figure out the reasons behind the distortion. You can also get help from this guide about sound distortion.

How to Order A Perfect-Sized Belt:

The best and recommended way to know the belt size and its compatibility with your turntable is to check the manual or visit the turntable’s manufacturer site or you can also google the model.

This way, you will be able to purchase a belt that is compatible with your turntable.

How to Replace Turntable Belt:

1) Turn off the turntable and remove the power cord from the outlet

2) Remove the record and mat from the platter. Now, rotate the platter manually so that you can see the motor drive shaft through the corner holes in the platter

turntable platter

3) Now, grab the belt from the drive shaft, move it a little away from its position on the drive shaft, and pick up the platter.

replace belt on turntable

5) Now, replace the belt

replace the belt on the platter

6) Place the platter on the turntable with the belt being pulled over at the one end of the platter through the hole, leave the belt when it is over the drive shaft, and rotate the platter manually so that the new belt can take its place on the drive shaft.

turntable belt replaced

That’s it. You have successfully replaced your turntable’s belt.


I hope this guide has helped you understand the different aspects of turntable belts and how to replace them easily. If you have any kind of queries, feel free to comment below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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