Crosley Record Player Not Spinning? Here Are Solutions

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  April 5th, 2024

Is your Crosley record player not spinning?

Well, this is one of the most common issues that a lot of suitcase record player owners face.

Most of the time, issues like this Crosley record player not turning on and don’t spin comes with our ignorance but sometimes it is due to manufacturing defects.

Well, in this article, we have listed all the major reasons behind this problem and shared the solutions so that you can fix them in no time.

Crosley Record Player Not Spinning Issues & Fixes / Solutions:

Here are the reasons and their solutions:

Reason 1: Power Supply Issues


1) Check if you have plugged the adapter into the socket and turned on the switch or not.

2) Try inserting the power adapter in a different working wall socket.

Reason 2: The Belt has slipped off or broken

The record player is mostly belt-driven and that belt is responsible for spinning the platter.

To check whether the belt is the issue behind this or not, you need to turn on the record player and set the speed to maximum.

Now, try listening to the sound of the motor, if you hear the motor sound then the belt might have slipped off the platter or drive shaft, or it is broken.


You need to either adjust the belt to its position or replace the belt with a new one. You can follow this guide to replace the belt.

Reason 3: Tonearm Switch

The tonearm switch is added by the Crosley manufacturers intentionally to eliminate the risk of stylus damage. Here is the step-by-step guide to enable the tonearm switch in Crosley.


crosely record player tonearm switch
Source: AwesomeRobot15

1) Free your tonearm from the tonearm lock

2) Move the tonearm slowly to the right side i.e. away from the platter

3) You will hear a click sound and the platter will start spinning automatically.

That’s it. Now, you can move the tonearm over the platter and start listing to your vinyl records.

Reason 4: An aux cable is plugged into the Aux Jack

The AUX cable feature is added to the record player through which you can connect your mobile phone or other devices and use the record player’s speakers. If there is an AUX cable plugged in then your record player is in the mode where it is expecting the user to connect AUX to their mobile and play songs on the record player’s speakers.


Remove the aux cable from the aux jack and you are done. That’s it.

Reason 5: Auto-Stop Switch

crosley auto stop switch

The auto-stop switch stops the platter from spinning when the stylus reaches the end of your vinyl record which not only saves the stylus from damage but also saves the records.

It is a lifesaver feature if you always forget to turn off your record player but this feature can sometimes cause trouble too.

Although, it is doing its work i.e. not letting the platter spin when the record is fully played but it can also cause the platter to not spin on new records.


Simply, turn off the auto-stop switch. That’s it.

Reason 6: Bluetooth Phono Switch

crosley phono bluetooth switch

If you have switched to Bluetooth then the turntable is temporarily disabled so no matter what you do, your platter is not going to spin.


Simply, switch to phono and your platter will start spinning. That’s it.

Reason 7: Power Adapter

turntable power adapter

The power adapter can be secretly causing the record player platter to not spin and what’s funny is that you can’t even imagine it.

Well, if you are using an adapter supplied to you along with your record player then you won’t find this causing problem but if you have misplaced your power adapter and using the power adapter of another turntable or record player then I suggest you buy yourself a new power adapter compatible with your record player model.

The reason behind that every turntable or record player is built differently and so their power requirements are also different. Some record players need a 9V power adapter or some might need a 12V adapter so if you are using a 9V adapter on your record player which requires a 12V power to function properly then you will face a lot of problems, the platter not spinning is one of them.


Always use the power adapter which is compatible with your record player model. You can check the power adapter compatibility with the customer support of your record player brand.

I have seen a person talking about using the Crosley Keepsake record player with the power adapter of the Crosley Cruiser. The Crosley Keepsake requires a 12v adapter while Crosley Cruiser requires a 9v adapter. So, unknowingly, he was supplying 9V power to a record player which needs 12V of power to function properly.

So save yourself from a lot of trouble and always use a power adapter compatible with your turntable or record player model.

Reason 8: Failed Motor

The failed motor can also cause the record player not to spin. Although motor failure is very rare but as you know, these record players are available in the market at a very cheap price through which you can guess the quality of the material used in the setup.

If you have performed all the above solutions and still your record player is not spinning then motor failure is the cause.


Buy a new motor compatible with your record player model and replace it yourself or simply, get help from a professional and get your record player fixed.


We have listed all the common reasons that can cause the Crosley record player not to spin. You need to figure out the reasons behind your situation and implement the solution accordingly.

If you have any questions or used a different approach to fix the record player won’t spin issue then please comment below. We will add the solution to this article and your efforts will help us a lot.

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  1. Hi. My son had a Crosley turntable which is just out of warranty. When he goes to put the arm across to put the stylus at the start of record the platter does not move. If he then moves it further on to around track 2 of an album the platter then starts. Any help appreciated.

    • Hi Simon, the issue that you are facing could be a failed tonearm mechanism or switch. Well, I have one question, what if you move the tonearm over the record until the platter starts spinning and then you can place the tonearm on the first track. Does the platter keep spinning or it stops?


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