Crosley Record Player Not Turning On? Here Are Solutions

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  June 6th, 2024

Are you getting irritated while your Crosley record player not turning on?

Well, you are not alone as I am seeing a lot of users are facing issues with their record players.

Previously, we have shared solutions to the Crosley record player won’t spin issue and in this article, we have listed all the common reasons why your record player won’t turn on and also shared the solutions through which you can fix them easily.

Crosley Record Player Not Turning On Issues & Fixes:

Here are the reasons and their solutions:

Reason 1: Power Supply Issues

If you don’t see a red LED indicator light on your record player’s plinth then there is some issues with the power supply.

crosley power light


1) Check whether you have plugged the adapter into the socket and turned on the switch or not. This might seem stupid but trust me, I have made this mistake multiple times.

2) Try inserting the power adapter in a different working wall socket.

3) If the red LED light still doesn’t turn on then there might be some issues with the internal power supply or voltage rectifier circuit of your record player. You need to get it checked by the technician.

Reason 2: Power Adapter

turntable power adapter

An incompatible power adapter, broken power adapter, or power adapter not connected properly can also restrict your record player from turning on.


1) Check whether the power adapter is properly connected to the unit or not.

2) Check your power adapter using a voltage meter. If you don’t know about voltage meters then you can get the unit checked by a professional.

3) Always use a compatible power adapter with your record player model. For example: I have seen a person talking about using the Crosley Keepsake record player with the power adapter of the Crosley Cruiser. The Crosley Keepsake requires a 12v adapter while Crosley Cruiser requires a 9v adapter. So, unknowingly, he was supplying 9V power to a record player which needs 12V of power to function properly.

Reason 3: ERP Energy Saving Standard Mode Is Enabled

Some Crosley record players comply with ERP energy-saving standards which means when there is no audio input for 20 minutes, the power of your record player will cut off automatically.


Turn off the power and turn it on again after waiting for around 15-20 seconds.

Reason 4: Faulty Volume Knob

Normally, there is no on/off switch.

You will see a volume knob and when you rotate it clockwise (increase volume) then you will hear a little click sound which normally turns on the record player.

So, if you are not hearing any clicking sound while rotating the volume knob from zero volume then your volume knob is faulty.


You need to replace the volume knob.

Reason 5: Fuse Issue

A failed fuse can also restrict the power adapter to provide power to the record player. Firstly, you need to check the fuse and figure out if is fine or if it needs to be replaced.

Where Crosley Record Player Fuse Is Located:

The fuse is located next to the transformer in the circuit board.


First, inspect the fuse and figure out if it is good to use or not. If yes, then just leave it there, or if not, then buy a new fuse suitable for your record player model and replace it.

That’s it. These are the common reasons why you face a Crosley record player won’t turn on issues. If you tried all the solutions and still, your record player is not turning on then you can give it a last shot by resetting it.

How to Reset Crosley Record Player:

Well, resetting a Crosley record player is a very simple and easy process. You just need to remove the power supply from the record player and leave it for about 15-20 minutes. After that, plug the record player into the power supply again. That’s it. You have successfully reset the Crosley record player.


In almost all cases, these simple Crosley record player not turning on troubleshooting steps will resolve the issues but if the problem still persists then I recommend you to get help from a professional.

But before reaching out to professionals, I want you to know that the cost of professional help might be equal to or greater than the actual price of the unit so you can always buy a new unit or upgrade to the real turntables instead of record players.

If you have fixed these issues with a different approach then please comment below and contribute your part to the vinyl world.

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