Good News: Music Removed By UMG Is Back On Tiktok

james williamson author James Williamson
  February 5th, 2024

As you know, the music of global stars like Taylor swift, Drake, Rihanna, Ariana Grande and many more has been removed move the TikTok due to contract renewal problems.

Well, the disagreement between the two giants i.e. UMG and Tiktok brings a lot of disappointment among fans who used to make tiktoks using their favorite stars music. And even many artists are also disappointed with this decision.

Cody Fry, a singer-songwriter and producer has also been affected with this news because just before contract expiration, his song “Things You Said” was was gaining popularity on the TikTok with over 750,000 videos created on this song.

Well, the songs started disappearing from Feb 1st and the tiktoks created using the music of artists signed with UMG started seeing this message:

song removed from tiktok

But recently, we have seen that fans has found a unique solution to this problem. And with this unique solution, you will find that nothing has changed and you can still create tiktok on the songs of your favorite music stars by using their covers songs.

Despite being sad about the UMG decision, some musicians took this as an opportunity to showcase their talent and their work to the whole world.

The producers started producing the cover songs of the most famous and viral songs and the tiktok users started using their cover songs on their tiktoks from where previous song was muted.

We have seen singer Euan Blackman posted the cover of “Betty”, a popular song and said “So all of Taylor Swift’s music is getting removed from TikTok, but it’s fine because you can use this sound instead.”


Should just do a covers album now #universalmusic #universalmusicgroup #taylorswift #tiktok #swifttok

♬ original sound – Euan Blackman

And soon after, we have seen singer Talia Sporkin doing the same and other influencers also started posting cover songs.


comment more sounds you want me to cover!! #taylorswift #umg #coversong #singersongwriter #swiftie #1989taylorsversion

♬ original sound – Talia Sporkin

Well, the UMG decision has some how helped the new artists to show their talent and work to the world and guess what? they are actually becoming successful in it.

And the end, what are you thoughts?

Do you think UMG will also get these cover songs removed from TikTok or not. Do let me know in the comments..

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