Universal Music Group vs Tiktok- Song Will Disappear From Tiktok

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  January 31st, 2024

There is a huge clash between two giants i.e. Universal Music Group (music label) and Tiktok (social media platform) in which UMG has announced that the renewal contract has been cancelled and all the music of popular artists like Taylor Swift, Drake, Lady gaga, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber etc will be remove from Tiktok which is a huge set back from the fans as well as artists.

What Universal Music Group Shared:

On 31st Jan, the contract between Universal Music Group and Tiktok has expired and while discussing the contract renewal, Universal Music Group wants Tiktok to address 3 major issues:

Issue 1: Appropriate compensation for our artists and songwriters

According to UMG, the artists are not getting rewarded better for their hard work, dedication and the value they are delivering to the music based social media platform.

Previously, UMG has announced that they are running a initiative called Artist-Centric initiative in which they are giving their best to update the streaming’s remuneration model so that their artists who are delivering soo much to platforms should be rewarded better and this initiative has been accepted positively on all music platforms.

And “Artist-Centric initiative” is the reason that Universal Music Group has raised the issue.

But, Tiktok has responded negatively and they proposed a rate which a fraction of amount that most of the music platforms are playing the artists and song writers.

To which Universal Music Group shared that despite being a huge rapidly growing music based social media giant, Tiktok has no interest in paying the right amount that song writers and artists deserves. The label also shares that the tiktok accounts hold only 1% of their total revenue.

Issue 2: Protecting human artists from the harmful effects of AI

The second issues that UMG has raised is AI music creation. According to UMG, Tiktok is encouraging the AI music creation on their platforms by developing tools, due to which, the platform is flooded with AI-generated recordings.

The UMG wants tiktok to have a meaningful solutions to these content adjacency issues and demanding a contractual right which will help the human artists.

Issue 3: Online safety for TikTok’s users

The rising wave of hate speech, bigotry, bullying and harassment on the platform is increasing soo much and according to UMG, Tiktok makes very little efforts to deal with these kind of issues.

They also stated that the only mean available to seek the removal of infringing or problematic content is through the monumentally cumbersome and inefficient process.

These are the 3 issues that are raised by UMG with Tiktok.

But to these issues, the Tiktok first responded with indifference, and then with intimidation.

UMG shared that Tiktok has tried to bully us and make us accept a deal which is way less than their previous deal or contract and according to market value.

Tiktok intimidate UMG by keeping audience-driving global stars on their platform and removing the music of developing artists.

So, according to UMG, Tiktok has not only responded indifference to the issues raised but they have also tried bullying them and the artists so they have decided to not renew the contract with Tiktok and all the songs of global starts will be removed from tiktok.

UMG stated that they will fight for their artists and songwriters to help them get what they deserve.


What Tiktok Has Shared In Response:

Tiktok shared disappointment and has blamed UMG that they are Universal Music Group has put their own greed above the interests of their artists and songwriters. They have also share that Tiktok has been able to reach ‘artist-first’ agreements with every other label and publisher.

They are calling the issues raised by UMG are self serving actions which causes the contract to end.


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