Victrola Record Player Not Turning On? Fix It Right Now

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  April 5th, 2024

Is your Victrola record player not turning on?

Well, you are not alone my friend. This issue is faced by many people and some of them even faced it right after boxing their new unit.

But you don’t need to worry a bit, we got you covered. We have researched all the possible reasons why this problem can arise and how to fix it.

Victrola Record Player Not Turning On Issues & Fixes / Solution:

Here are the reasons and their fixes:

Reason 1: Record Player Is Unplugged

Well, this is a very common mistake that most of us make while playing the record player, and trust me, this has happened to me a lot of times than I could even remember.


Connect the power plug in the socket and power adaptor to the record player’s jack properly.

Reason 2: Wall Socket or Surge Protector Issue

Most of the time, our wall socket or the surge protector is faulty.


Check the wall socket or surge protector by connecting different electronic devices and see if they work or not. If they don’t work then skip the surge protector or use a different wall socket.

Reason 3: Power Adaptor Issue

turntable power adapter

The faulty power adaptor or an incompatible power adapter can also cause the Victrola record player to not turn on.

You should have understood the term “faulty adapter” but “incompatible power adapter” is somewhere confusing so, let me explain this.

As you know, there are multiple Victrola record player models in the market and every record player has different specifications and features. So, depending on their features, every model has different power requirements too.

So, if you try to connect a power adapter of a different record player which doesn’t fulfill the power requirement of the model you are using then you are going to face problems like not spinning or not turning on problems.


For Faulty Adapter:

You can check your power adapter using a voltage meter.

For Incompatible Power Adapter:

Always use the power adapter provided with the unit. If yours is misplaced then I suggest you contact Victrola customer support and ask them about the adapter compatible with your unit or simply, check the manual of your record player.

Reason 4: Fuse Issue

If your record player has a failed fuse then it can restrict the power supply to go further in the circuits of your unit.

Where Victrola Record Player Fuse Is Located:

The fuse is located next to the transformer in the circuit board.


Take out the fuse and inspect it. If it looks faulty then you should change it right away.

Reason 5: Power Switch or Volume Knob Is Faulty

The faulty power switch can also restrict your record player from turning on.

In most of the record player models, there isn’t any turn on/off switch instead you will get a volume knob which is responsible for managing volume along with turning the record player on or off.

In these models, when you turn the knob clockwise, you will hear a click sound, and the red light with turn on which indicates that your record player is turned on. If you are not hearing any clicking sound when you are turning the volume knob clockwise or counterclockwise then the volume knob is the reason why your record player is not turning on.


The power switch or volume knob needs to be replaced here. You can replace it yourself if you have knowledge or you can get it replaced by someone else.


Well, we have mentioned all the common reasons why your Victrola record player is not turning on and shared their solution as well.

If you have tried all the solutions above and still your record player is not working then there might be some internal defects so I suggest you contact Victrola customer support.

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  1. I have learned something new. I didn’t know that these different suitcase record players might have different power requirements, and that’s why I was using the power adapter of a different unit.

    I just ordered the compatible adapter, so let’s see how it works.

    Btw, thanks, James, for sharing these solutions.


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